Help Us Change the Future!

The future is our children! It has been shown that the moral compass of children is set by 9 years old, that most Christians make a decision prior to age of 14, and that after 19 the chances of someone becoming a follower of Jesus is only 6%.  CEF works in the most fertile of harvest fields by working with children. 

But today, 85% of children are not in church regularly. The hour is urgent!  But CEF reaches children where they are.  That’s why we need you to join our team to Change the Future!

Are you a Christian who wants to help?  We always have openings for volunteers!  There are lots of ways to serve:  

  • Good News Clubs® – meets in a local school, apartment complex, your home, church one day a week during the school year.  You could be a Leader, Instructor, Snack Coordinator, Administrative Coordinator etc.  
  • 5-Day Clubs® – meets in an apartment complex, your home, neighborhood area, church, for 5 days in the summer.  You could host a club, be a Driver.
  • Seasonal Party Clubs – kids love parties and our one time seasonal party clubs combine a fun party with a Bible lesson and Gospel presentation. Meet year round. 
  • CYIA – Summer Camp for teens, training them to do 5-Day Clubs.  
  • Administrative Support, Clerical & other ways to help  

Sign up for the FREE Super Seminar Children's Ministry Teacher Training, Sat. Jan 13 at Crossroads Church 308 Ave J Belle Chasse 70037

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