Great Training for all Children's Ministry workers, 
CEF Club teachers, Sunday School, Children's church, etc. 

August 15, 2020
8:45 am - 4:15 pm
Edgewater Baptist Church
5900 Paris Ave
New Orleans 70122

Cost:  $15 includes lunch and materials

For more info or to Register, call Debbie Smith (504) 400-4095
or Chris Jolissaint (504) 388-8104

"Teaching Children Effectively 1" (TCE 1)

33 hour CEF Childrens ministry Institute (CMI) course

     In-person classes in the Greater New Orleans area are postponed due to the coronavirus

but we will be offering this course again in the New Orleans area 

   (Time and Place TBD)

students can earn 5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

If you may be interested in taking this course contact Debbie or Chris,

Debbie Smith @ 504-400-4095

Chris Jolissaint @ 504-455-5396

What is Teaching Children Effectively™ Level 1?

     TCE™ 1 is a CEF 33-hour certified course that will equip you to effectively teach and evangelize children in your church, Sunday school, VBS, or CEF® Club. Sponsored by Child Evangelism Fellowship® of Greater New Orleans. Registration is required. Cost includes all books and ministry materials.




CEF's Children's Ministry Institute (CMI) has three great opportunities for training.  Courses qualify for continuing education credit, and some carry college credit transferable to Christian colleges!

Tuition discounts are available to many in CEF ministry. If you are a volunteer, prior CMI student, staff, or CYIA student - you may qualify!  Contact CMI for details.

1.  On-site training courses taken at the Children's Ministry Institute (CMI) in Warrenton, Missouri.  Check out

2.  On-Line courses taken though CMI online. Check out

3. Locally taught classes in Louisiana by CMI approved teachers and certified by CMI.  Contact Debbie Smith  at (504) 400-4095 for upcoming local courses.

Some Typical Classes CMI Offers:

Teaching Children Effectively Level I                                             Dynamics of Teacher Training

Teaching Little Kids                                                          Distinctives of Child Evangelism Fellowship

Understanding Today's Child                                                          Ministry Strategy and Development

Progressive Methods of Child Evangelism                                      Leadership Essentials

Teaching Little Kids                                     Teaching Children Effectively Level II

CEF® FREE On-Line Training Resources: 

Good News Club® Training (click "continue" at site)

Lesson GNC Demonstrations:     Click here for direct access to FREE demonstrations!

Wordless Book (Gospel Colors): Click here for the FREE Wordless Book training!

The Romans Road for Children is a free CMI Online 3-week demo course designed to train students in how to present the gospel to children in a simplified way using the tool of the Romans Road 

Local CEFGNO Training info can also be found at on the events page.  

If you or your group desire children's ministry training, please email or call us.  We are happy to meet your children's ministry teacher training needs in the Greater New Orleans Area. 


Chris Jolissaint       phone:   504-455-5396    (CEFGNO Ministry)


Debbie Smith   phone:   504-400-4095    ("Wee Can Know" Ministry)

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